Prof. Dr. Rafael Ziegler – mudconference

Prof. Dr. Rafael Ziegler

HEC Montreal
Montreal, Canada

Prof. Dr. Rafael is a professor at HEC Montreal, director of its institute of cooperative studies and a fellow of the social ecological research group GETIDOS. He is inspired by social innovations not only as a source of empirical materials but also as a spring of new ideas and concepts. His focus is on social innovation in relation to water, justice and sustainability. After studies in philosophy and economics at the London School of Economics and at McGill University, he founded in 2009 the social-ecological research group GETIDOS, which he co-ordinated for ten years until April 2019. Over the last years, he has been particularly interested in the capabilities approach. Since 2017 he work as an associate editor of the Journal of Human Development und Capabilities, since 2019 he is also an associate editor of the Journal of Social Entrepreneurship.

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