Illustration – mudconference


Andrea Acosta

Andrea Acosta, born in Bogotá, lives and works in Berlin. Her interdisciplinary work combines field work with sculpture, photography and drawings. In a practice based on processes she explores established ideas of nature and landscapes as well as their relationship to constructed spaces. While doing so, she reflects the constant transformation of material, gaze and territories.

Doro Quentin

Dorothee Quentin, born in Göttingen 1984, Dipl. Ing. Landscape and open space planning, since 2018 researcher at the University of Kassel; worked abroad in Wuhan, China 2008, HB Stiftung Addis Abeba, Ethiopia 2011-12 & 2012-18. Freelance work in Bangalore (India), Munich & Berlin (Germany), Riad (Saudi Arabia). Research focus: environmental technology (incl. recycling), hydraulic engineering, water management.

Anja Schoeller

Anja Schoeller lives in Fürth (Bavaria). Dipl. Communication Design 1997, Dipl. Art and public space 2007, participatory integrative projects. She develops forms of action and platforms for dialogue on historical and ecological topics. This creates intersections between societal and social spaces in national and international projects.

Projektgruppe Schäfersee

»Our Schäfersee is a living space for many animals and is a recreational area for the residents of Reinickendorf and Wedding.« The Schäfersee project group was formed in April 2016 after the event »60 years of bird watching at Schäfersee« and consists of NABU members and residents of the Schäfersee. The aim of the group is consistent nature conservation and protecting the lake from toxic street sewage.

TIER (Benjamin Busch; Lorenzo Sandoval)

The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER) founded in 2015, brings together different practises, namely architecture, art, mediation and curation, to foster a transdisciplinary approach. Its experimental programme has been composed of series of workshops, seminars, and public events to act as a support-structure, articulating collaborations with architects, scientists, artists, choreographers, philosophers, curators, chefs, and others.